At West Financial Services, the decisions we make and the advice we provide takes into consideration our responsibility to “do the right thing.” Our disciplined and objective investment and financial planning processes provide the trust and peace of mind valued so highly by individuals and organizations.

Five compelling reasons to choose West Financial Services:

“Big Picture” Thinking – We know that any one component of a client’s financial or personal situation can have profound implications on their entire financial plan. That’s why our recommendations consider the total financial picture, not just a limited assessment of the area directly affected by the recommendation.

Results Oriented – Our clients are successful individuals and they expect their investment and financial plans to be executed in a timely and accurate fashion. We know our clients accumulate much of their wealth through hard work and smart planning. They should expect no less from West Financial Services.

Creative Solutions – The best answer for a client’s complex financial problem often comes from innovative thinking and collaboration with area experts both within and outside of our firm. Our clients value our strategic thinking and inclination to tackle problems when the answers aren’t obvious.

Stability – West Financial Services was established in 1982. We believe that continuity and stability are important drivers in this successful history. They are the reasons we take a team approach to working with our clients. Within this team structure, clients can always speak with a member of the firm who is knowledgeable about their goals and financial situation.

The Long View – Today’s issues need to be addressed, but in a way that anticipates future consequences and needs, proactively. We work to deliver on the issues at hand as well as those questions not yet asked.

Plan for the future. People who stay in the present will be in the past.

Abraham Lincoln