Financial Planning Focus - Bondpocalypse Now?

By Matt Cohen, CIMA®
While equity markets have rallied since the surprise Trump victory, a rout in bond markets has been equally significant. The horror, according to bond market prognosticators, is an abrupt change in the consensus view that we are in a “lower for longer” yield environment. A Trump administration, including a Republican controlled Senate and House, are more likely to pass tax reforms and fiscal stimulus. Coupled with near full employment, these measures are likely to spur inflation as well as economic growth, though the magnitude of each will be dependent on the details of the policy changes. The
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Financial Planning Focus - How to Protect Your Data at Home

By Dana Tomisek
At West Financial Services, protecting your personal information is of paramount concern for us. We have a dedicated Information Security department that has the resources and expertise to safeguard your financial data. Understandably, that level of security is not likely available to you at home, but there are steps you can take to better protect your personal information. Installing and maintaining the right anti-virus software to monitor your system, avoiding phishing emails, and selecting strong passwords are some of the ways to build better data protection for yourself. What is anti-virus
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