Women of West Financial Services, Inc.

October 22, 2019



Women of West Financial

Today, women are empowered and taught that any job, in any industry, at any level is available to them. West Financial Services (WFS) has always believed this should be the case and exemplifies it: over half of our employees are women, fulfilling roles at all levels. Though we have seen tremendous change in career availability during our 37 years of operation, the reality can still be quite different in the actual workplace. Despite significant progress, the financial services industry is still male-dominated.

WFS empowers our female colleagues and clients to make smart investment choices and educated financial decisions. Expert guidance with a strong financial plan can help clients realize their goals. It has been remarkable to watch women become more confident, valued and successful in business and finances.

As Certified Financial PlannerTM professionals, our clients invite us into their lives. It’s an important role, especially when they are affected by life events and transitions. WFS takes this trusted role very seriously and helps our clients create their best possible future.

Focus: As a fee-only fiduciary firm, we promise to be your financial advocate in life and for life. 

Speciality:  WFS utilizes a financial planning approach to create personalized plans that include estate, tax, and income replacement considerations, coupled with tailored, customized portfolio composition.

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