Act Like an Antique British Car Owner

by Brian Horan, CPWA®
Act like an antique British car owner when it comes to your portfolio. Our Military Kids, a charity that helps children of military men and women that are deployed overseas, recently held a car rally fundraiser. As part of our sponsorship, I was lucky enough to spend a Saturday driving around backroads in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania with a bunch of British antique car aficionados.
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Oops! She Did it Again.

By Cheryl Langston, CFP®
Oops! She did it again. Britney Spears is back in the media, bringing conservatorships into the spotlight. While Britney’s situation is atypical and somewhat controversial, this article outlines fundamentals of conservatorship, why a conservatorship may be needed and, as is the question in Britney’s case, when a conservatorship can end. “Conservator” and “guardian” are roles that can be confusing.
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Don’t Listen to the Carnival Barkers

by Glenn Guard, CFA
Financial news reporters on television can often come across like carnival barkers in an attempt to get and then keep your attention. But remember, their goal is ratings, not your financial well-being. What’s a great way to keep someone’s attention? Play on emotions of fear and greed.
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Will It, or Won’t It?

By Kristan Anderson, CEBS®, CFP®
The question in the title refers to Social Security and whether it will or will not be available for individuals who are still years away from filing for their own benefits.
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