Financial Planning Focus Newsletter

Demographics are Important

Glenn M. Guard, CFA »
For about a dozen years I've had what I call my "China Speech" which addresses the huge demographic changes in store for China and the rest of the world. Here is the Executive Summary: In my humble opinion, there is no path for China's economy to eclipse that of the western world - none. Why? Let me count the autocratic inefficient government, negligible property rights, no rule of law, foreign investment dropping off a cliff, and mountains of bad debt to name a few.
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Investment Management Letter

Investment Management - Second Quarter 2023

Last year, as the Federal Reserve altered their path of tightening monetary conditions, we noted that overall visibility had become “muddled.” During the second quarter, improving economic data has provided investors with levels of visibility not experienced in some time. It wasn’t immediate since concerns over regional bank stability were still top of mind.
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Special Releases

Special Release - Debt Ceiling Theatrics

Tanya B. Carson, CFA »
The main concern for markets in the coming weeks is negotiations on the debt ceiling. Recently, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen raised the stakes when she moved up her estimate of a possible default to June 1 st . As that date approaches, investors are becoming increasingly concerned with the debt ceiling debate, and the ramifications should the U.S. government be in default.
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