Jul 2020

A Guide to Creating Your Financial Deployment Book

By Col. (R) Mark D. Troutman, PhD., CFP® and W. Kirk Taylor, CFP®

A Guide to Creating Your Financial Deployment Book

Unforeseen events and the disruptions that accompany them are part of life. The COVID-19 pandemic is proof of this statement.

Apr 2020

Special Release - Tax Relief and CARES Act

The only constant in life is change.” — Heraclitus

U.S. businesses and households have faced challenges with creating new routines and altering daily operations after realizing the dire effects of COVID-19. Whether working from home, shopping online, or interacting with the new

Mar 2020

Special Release - Sky is (Not) Falling

By Kristan Anderson, CEBS®, CFP®

I was walking down the hall at work and one of my co-workers, who was watching the stock market drop, asked me if they should still contribute to their 401(k).

Mar 2020

Special Release - When Two Black Swans Meet

Glenn Robinson, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer

Over the past weekend, Saudi Arabia rocked global oil markets after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Russia could not agree on additional production cuts to combat low crude oil prices.

Feb 2020

Special Release - When Markets Sneeze

Glenn Robinson, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer

As of Tuesday’s close, equity markets endured a second day of selling pressure due to concerns over COVID-19, or the coronavirus.  While it’s very difficult to assess the global economic impact from COVID-19 at this time, we do know that it is impacting the economy of China and surrounding countries.