In the planning phase, West Financial Services truly gets to know our clients and their financial situations. We help them define goals and set priorities. The result of the planning process is a workable blueprint for success that includes:

Clarification of priorities

Identification of available opportunities or necessary choices to attain goals

A charted course to navigate through some of life’s major transitions


When it comes to financial plans, implementation is key. West Financial Services begins working to implement a plan as it is being developed.

More specifically, we collaborate with specialists or experts who may be needed during the implementation phase. This can include insurance providers, attorneys and accountants.

In the end, the plan, and its implementation, are customized for each client’s unique situation – working efficiently to yield the desired results for you.

Perhaps best of all, as a fee-only adviser, clients can trust West Financial Services to have their best interests in mind. As a fiduciary, we never receive compensation based on the purchase or sale of any financial product.

Plan for the future. People who stay in the present will be in the past.

Abraham Lincoln