An overview of our approach:

Strategic and Tactical Management
Since asset allocation is the driving force of portfolio performance, we maintain a long-term view over the entire business cycle. Our portfolios utilize diversification across global asset classes as their foundation while incorporating disciplined, research-driven tactical asset allocation adjustments.

Equity – Passive and Active
For equities, we utilize a “core and satellite” approach to investing. By using low-cost, core investments in major market indices, we ensure that clients participate in market movements. For the “satellite” portion of the portfolio, we use actively managed mutual funds to provide growth and value style exposure. We also purchase individual stocks for additional sector and dividend exposure. Our investment team pays close attention to valuation, establishes well-defined entry and exit points, and uses both quantitative and qualitative due diligence when investigating new investment opportunities.

Fixed Income
Our primary focus with fixed income is preservation of capital. We build a foundation of high quality bonds and ladder the maturities over a short to intermediate time period so that bonds mature each year. This strategy provides various maturities for reinvestment at different yields or for use of principal to meet future cash flow needs.

West Financial Services is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA).  We are able to select investments that combine strong, consistent performance with reasonable expenses.

Team Approach
Our team of experienced investment professionals meets on a daily basis to review proprietary and external research on macro-economic issues, changes to tax statutes, and due diligence on individual equities, fixed income and mutual funds. Through these meetings, we regularly evaluate the performance of our investments against the appropriate benchmarks to check that selected investments perform at the expected level.

Consistent Monitoring and Reporting
We continually monitor, measure and evaluate performance of our clients’ investments, and provide quarterly reporting as well as personal meetings to review accounts.

Minimizing Taxes and Expenses
All investment decisions are implemented in a manner that considers tax consequences as well as managerial and transactional expenses. The resulting savings means that more money is working for you.

The most treasured asset in investment management is a steady hand at the tiller.

Robert Arnott